song lacking principles
whose trumpet muddle

we said we

Might be crap inspected and rejected for fertilizer. Some mistake in the makeup.

As if the universe could want something we have to give. Softly. We've been given.

A figure apart. No doubt. One of many. You'll want to feel how cool the room sits.

No moves the lines like happiness. As difficulty signs up for the dream to drop.

I like Four Eyes now and then It's curtains for you soon Doc says Bugs. Drink up.

Go quiet a way. How left from right produces some new jazz not everyone can swill.

How close we close will set how high we heave to follow through in depth of deeps.

Rejected for every good reason mistakes carry honest weight in solemn assembly.

The problem in his whistling nonentities. Something for a loss of substance a diet.

Set long ago without a dictionary. While the world you know the whole round world.

Registers wonder in sinless pine, locust, redbud, cottonwood, aspen, oak. All one.

Stews in the juices we squoze for comfort. Unbought back. Or's too late to deviate.


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