headless again
song lacking principles

you don't know

O feelings my Feelings oh my feelings
I get you in I get you in The Ideal in 
Chicago sitting abundantly in tiny rooms
I get you in Justice in Penance & Terrible
Explanations I get you in a vincible ruin
not unlike something you need to remember
the day we drove I get you in 3-D in grass
Oh feelings I get you in the left lanes or
Chased by The Dramatic I get you in that
                    Did you remember I got you in 
those funny books like The Nearly Modern
An Idea We Got In China The New Thank You
and Really Living Lately 
                                                I get you in how
you look up & sort of step away from the
most friendly images 
                                         You take ordinary
steps strangely 
                            or I don't like it so much
                    oh feelings up on the bridge I get
to watch you 
                        & get to stumble     with you
now bird-like 
                          now trivial & lost in 
                a pinch         


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