other notes
real with no adjectives

common and helpful

What’s not constructed happened anyway somehow

this is because I consider myself

to have been fashioned (once past the making)

to have been fashioned of the made

who do you think you are anyway not special

or so smart as the wind is smart or

the boy who shows up in sleep asleep

as the sky with an immense library of images images.


Well there it’s goodness carries on in the manner

of one speaking more than writing

a comfort to steady my shaky progress along

this fresh sidewalk where nobody taught me to love it

nobody taught me to think there’s something to it this

new morning it’s one in a series but here

it is new and yet not made not even fashioned but

recognizable in its rocky blue onwardness


This is how I think anyway somehow

given the chances I’ve had

what you would expect you’d be given

as deep feelings and or tears along the way

from bodies carved like angels by bodies

looking forward to another day

when the learning sticks to the middle

of was it a path as usual muddy thin and slow

brings us to a sort of anger even while the fun

proceeds you weren’t bringing it in person

you followed along on cool wires look

we’re happy to talk a new way for awhile we’ll

be new for a while altogether fresh outside

the classroom there’s a bright jar exploding

just think. as you’re a part of it. or part


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