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July 2017

on the strength of these articles

You might guess it’s about a legend.

And can insert yourself on the next line.

It’s about

taking his or her time to excel in the small things.

Or of force and the forces ascendant

there’s nothing to will or deny.

Everything’s given and taken red

or gray, a gang of perfect thugs

standing in a lake who pretend to humanity.

Listening sky, mind’s made up of enough clouds.

You’ll be taking a little nap at this historic hotel

for complete control, in contrast to the thing about negative ions.

Sometimes a thing just needs to fling itself.

Bodies in motion beside themselves. Say,

what’s a limpid flowing stream next to my impatience?

and says

This is poetry. Is it remarks
        against someone’s big announcement
                that everyone’s
anxious because the cosmos
        should be undone again
                now that the first
raveling has caught our attention?

        Yes. By remarks we touch it back in place.               

                It’s probably not a door. But I heard something
slamming. Watch your fingers. 

        This and a few dollars
                will find their way to a seat, 
a partially obstructed view.

what it means when

such a crowded planet/ where is everybody?

who is turning into God today/ gentlemen and ladies?

why stand under a lacy parasol/ to comprehend beer?

when the multi-sexed crowd begins to rumble/ where’s the sky?

and comes w/ xtra parts

the only way to find one is to kepe at it

at it

notinvinsible but means to a place not home

but it

woold all suck as brooden broke in sudden

to it

that flames or sumthing else other tookover

as it

as a then missed thing that wuodd fix it all then

but it

later saves us we know what living means here

at it

taken in the clerical sense

damn. tricked by a multiple choice. alternatives that included nuclear among the options.

damn. no sun for the longest stretch of days. of thunder’s reassuring something steady.

damn. straight. in the rude jet’s way the structures thrown up for business sakes alive.

damn. the end of never’s really something you ought to get behind. right this very minute.

damn. an unwanted consolidation makes immense the desires we tried to localize. in person.

damn. a moment with fingers can’t grab. and toes illustrate time’s pleasant inherency now.