unintentional palindromes
say the grounds are damp from the day’s rain then cordially agree

say something is something and proceed as if it were

This instant. Recognized a failure to have meant. O there’d been plenty of saying. And it had been. What. A frenzy. A fence. Even once originally a kind of spiritual ecstasy. Or the attempt. To conjure the god who of course wouldn’t allow it. But here. I go on at this. Talking as I don’t talk. Because talking as I do talk is nothing. Hi. How are you today. Cold out again but going to warm up this afternoon.

And this. Instant. Effort to combine my intention with your interest. To re-attach the line. So you might know something again. Look. There’s a U.S. flag blown flat out atop the green copper roof of a pale maybe limestone structure. Solid. Square. A great hall or elegant residence. We can only imagine. Atop twelve. Maybe. Stories of offices and smaller apartments. An anchor. Atop there. To its left a city flag. Blown the same. Instant.

I may have been too dramatic. Looking for attention in the instant. But listening to Dylan here. It’s clear we’re at the end of some world now. And some of us are not too uncomfortable. But what’s to come. Apart from my single death or yours. May be the ongoing ruination of the world. At the hest of a relative few who want more. Of anything. Leaving us in the instant. To care for each other. The most extraordinary. Beautiful ones.

So the effort in the instant. To step past my petty fears. Locate an acceptable form. Of address. To talk about the world again. Site of our love. Where we found ourselves cracked or dented. In a cloud of diminishing returns. Losing and lost. My language turned on itself. I knew words. Past them there be dragons. Lacking the soil to plant I let the air have it. Instant air. Enough for anyone. Air for sure. But just that.


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