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February 2017

what we took as our due

was probably the fish in situ

how we felt inside the pool

as ever one stood up along-

side these fancy eliminators

of suits so long unworn as

miracles of golden fieldwork

sweated as pliant & derivative

energy in scales and hooks

taken at our word for money

select and refuse

tarp: tar me off a piece of that whiskery hummock

piece: a preferential option for apple over punkin

over: asserting the truth of an accidental reign

reign: one more time before the settlers roll off

before: taken at foot value, slick as a heavy tarp

poem that starts with

no, it goes beep beep

so the serpent

chooses to be brilliant

move a bit to the left

I see you got it

in the mail today

our resignation

from the fun the fear

it helps to be a little

tipped bent elongated

servant of the simple

in the eye the summer

the lies medicate

lubricate the day

feels as likely to be

one of the scurriers or one of the sick on mats

and both

rushing to beg mercy of the odd one lost on his own


as it feels to be in the world with or without shoes


rattling down chutes to heartbroken buckets or queries

of how

anyone might climb up from the miserable questionable id

for what

a little french accordion said after some rainy fun-time

there’s no

food in this part of town take the children to the interior

where so

many items await our vast and disproportionate consumption

about and from these

even here there is something to learn about the scale of anyone’s intentions.

or about the breath it takes to say say this or that from the heart’s pulse.

or in the brain the mind’s lines of fire at the edge of smoldering documents.

as in how one may not try very hard but the lucky even happy hurts converge.

opposite this

minding his own business then bleached up

triggered by the sun to fire at the moon

o say it like this if you’re of an age o

pulse of snail thump of new politicals o

a smaller part of reality’s an abundance