not a caption
before the injunction

or run away

You’ll see. I can write as celarly  as the next person writing.

My figeres may not always hit in sync with brain’s fring,

but that’s waht DELETEs are for. No, it’s the other brain’s issue.

Suppose it has nothing to say, but that’s the normal storm. It hears that

what it may say will offend someone, as in what it says will expose a weak

and foolish person, a fallen peron  who sometimes … well … isn’t

smart wnough, hasn’t considered the deeper nuances and historical

/critical/philosophical boundaries, hasn’t found the irght word,

lacks wisdome. So now this other brain embraces the not-sad play

of syntax and flushed modifiers, battered lexical doorstops, craven pronouns.

It hopes that the reader who seeks joy or interest will find some, but still

it understands that it will fail far more often than it usceeds.

This is okay, a responsibility even, as befits the pigeon of equilibrium.


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