or run away
opposite this

before the injunction

Re: the reality is in touch with itself with what is not itself.

A muzzled bear. Extraordinary. Hey. Take it for a social animal.

I’m a social animal. Meat & Language. Will tell lies to anyone.

Incoherence not in the barren maple the gray the sleeping field.

Flags come in many colors. My heart’s in the highlands. A stool.

Raised a fool. Where did my country go once the. So quiet here.

Everyone so quiet here trying to understand what rises up from a.

Singly vague. Gently disappointed. People don’t get to be free.

Fallen through the nets that used to swing us. Slovenly all day.

Something died. Something died. Something died. Something died.

And the lake’s in a rush to get over there. Over there there’s a.


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