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October 2016

verbs and affections

Closing the far-off, these exotic place names,

it had been a language of courses, understood

as finished, run to the last breath, then set

just so in the gravel lane where they kissed.

Set as blotches or a series of possibilities,

gravity smacks us to behave and imagine art

arrives any time always already pregnant with

what we guessed would simulate exhilaration.

notes around it

always already


appraising the precious: it hasn’t been earned

it: abundant fluidity profound and common singularity

you write this and say it you say this and write it:

try writing to order: try fitting it in edgewise


voices from the other room could only mean

the television has turned itself on again


in her blue hoody she’s guiding the mower

over the lawn. it is a hill and she struggles

all the way up then relaxes on the way down


good old fur shawl stiff

on a red satin hanger

humming in the breeze


they “have a language” immediate or at least on time

if you could stand up and read with skill the minutes

we have not been given the influence of our sayings

I put them on notice: to be interesting in good time

half had vanished

a counting couldn’t claim everything we needed

any more than looking could or any more than a

guess there’ll always be some horizon hung like

shabby cloth over an uncertain edge walking

it at risk is all you can do is all you need to


a piece of rock to hold in mind. part. of the larger

here. limestone possibly. shale with it. maybe three

hundred million years of lying about. as and. in the

whole. as if patient. to be held in human terms. this

steady strata confided. to eyes. deposited indirectly

steep in streams. of the blind flow. or stilted one.