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September 2016

this / no that

After cat tried


we sat with short grass

and wind.


that thing right next to stillness

one is expected to post somewhere

to confirm one’s social haecceity

that thing right next to stillness

artificial by comparison

So, Mr. Groovy. Denser, my photons are enough today. So,

tell me, Madame Minima (whose heart is jiggling in a

red bright can of Tomato Points) which epoch shall we

pick? The Agon of Chrysalis? The Pretenceous Devoidic?

I’ll meet you there. All done up in these Hesitation Blues.

any day singing

If in our sleep say an arch. Built of perfect religion.

Then the shadow and the copper cup. Trestles over it.

I put my mind away again. Watch the beautiful river.

Last night the geese crooned. The crickets a chorus.

We believe in God. The word. And the subtle shove to.

Enjoy the limp of light. It’s a wrecked and splendid.

Day. In fact I’ll hymn it for you under here tonight.

and yet

under this

lake here’s

a thin

stream spring-fed

where the

first people

still come


fish life

bird life

green life

will drink

the giant

one puts

a finger

to it

and catches


he burns

all day

making it up







all at last


turned into everything

just dirt


don’t just anytime

stop what been

what been happening

from going on


ain’t no poet no hands

in dirt