far as they know
opposite the crush

by the shallows over there

is an artist. like the wasp. its voice in this room. as voice. its body on the other side. inside the wall. puts through the wall. a sound.

is an artist. so what you’ll do when you get there. what anyone cares about out there. having told them it’s nothing. nothing at all.

is an artist. of never quite getting there.

this is the same language we use. to do anything in the world that needs language. let us be precious together. if not precise.

around the places you’ve never been. maine, for example, there’s a prophecy. in all your life you’ll never visit. exactly never there. precisely not there.

is an artist. as understanding a whole life has avoided itself. look away, please. nothing to see here. a whole life has done just that. and who let it.

as one who dislikes most inches and marks of itself. its face its voice and lies. the whole sky of a mind. without god. it is a silly one. with. who knows. a chance.

to have done this and that. without love but in its shadow. say you are for it or against it. this or that.

as an artist. or a person.


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