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July 2016

notes around the block or “every end is probably a rose”

“It is a symbol of our age. Concrete Reality.” (source forgotten)

an item - a habit
not even death-like since death or the thought of it -
if it doesn’t swamp you with dread -
can rock you to a waking state

concrete city
concrete idea
concrete determination
concrete abandonment
concrete wistfulness
concrete illumination
concrete bed
concrete builders
concrete example
concrete pediment
concrete step
concrete luck
concrete hope
concrete blessing
concrete river
concrete forest

drawn into the story … are you … drawn in … to the story … or

you can paint bodies (singly or in groups)
you can paint objects (those you can hold or those that hold you)
you can paint earth (of creatures, botanicals, geologies and horizons)

then there’s “the right of the river to flow”

And yet “the symbol of our age” … cannot be a word

lost in the screen - revved up

by a color

“the symbol of our age” supposes

a well-established condition

of losslessness -

all these kingdoms I give to you -

are given & will not be withdrawn


I put the commas in to convince you of my sincerity

and yet

you are not as convinced as a stone of its peril

are you