see this is how you say
that one has thoughts here

asked to lean into a startling argument for a late offer of joy

And I could do that. With blades

or without. Sing along a siren goes.

Doubly human in our concentration.

I could do that & bend it forward.

The Flawed Ones advanced right up

to the mirror into which I looked

for my most essential parts. Done

out of the blessing. Ain’t opting

for the land. But the joke of a book.

You, bright flower of star-hood. You,

arrested with volumes of notes under

your jacket. All that sweet music.

Prepared me for this annunciation.

That winter is an eagle’s blue tendon.

That spring hadn’t stopped trying to

be the smart kid with flashy eyes.

Ready now to walk away from my strong

adequacies and/or to embrace whole

skies of heart-felt gospel giddiness.


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