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March 2014

at a red light

sitting in the office in the sitting in sitting in the office and on

talk becomes the glossy path to forgetting - just sayin’ - talk

then finding the workman out the window random on the street put away

then a dearth of flowers pointed toward the sky o we were talking

then about sad transits toward the city then the open field here now

boilers elevators guesses tiny numbers and small paper meetings

where nobody meets inside the sleeves of an argument of my name

turn it around and start speaking french and say it and say it

repetez! repetez, geezer! mummer of answers to the ending hours

this is the lasting hungry one the hand outthrust to mercy to birth

no expense

This? Will this do?


Someone who writes ‘then’ when he or she means ’than’ … I form a little judgment.

Someone who uses too many words which is nothing—not at all—like using too many notes … I form a little judgment.

Someone who bows because it looks good and—really—there’s nothing else to do right now … I form a little judgment.

Someone who puts the crumbs out here because birds have got to eat … I form a little judgment.

Someone who stills my hat and calls it a gift …

Someone who pushes too hard on the black crayon rather then set the page on fire …


I’d have to steep myself in your complexion your utter disregard … and form a little judgment.

one another

+ saying when you haven’t gone out in many days or have only had one

+ for natura as our scattered orders announce a lack

+ bitter or balmy skin of the space i stand apart from you

+ affectionate homemade religion no fair trying other brands

+ far away from speaking screaming sinks us in its rubber boat

+ some thing you turned to your attention gave up