a judge and a teacher walk out of a bar
we are going toward it and finding again

one guy

that hadn't enough that didn't have enough
that had not enough gumption or thought

that of kindness spent in longing that
that of single rowdiness in passing that

everything we say is losing the light
right now more darkness fixes us good

finds us in two or three minds
fixed in place and floating toward and

will be wrong is wrong has been


no matter

shush me

was i kind enough
when fear stopped by

"there's no room for sentiment in good poetry"
what do you want

to be caught
pulling an adjective after a noun

more than ever
to stand like a god young & miserable

over a thing
uncertain & poetical in the common way

well yes
but still the car needs

fuel, a driver, a road
to go


or walk or stand




that imagery.
I wonder but that the tree in the garden, if in fact there was a garden and it had a tree, might have been a tree of words. Not apples. Dogs without words do not fear death. Cats with no words they do not fear death. There are some who have a gift of words. As you.

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