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the second I put a hand on it it


Yes. Crime is bad … that's why we call it …

alone in this country where … I finally stood

phonograph in the back room … curtains had that smell

of bodies in white gowns on gurneys waiting for …

worshipping sandpaper … this right from a dream

you can wreck a hip doing that … you know

The sky is up … that's why we call it …



No. As if O'Hara or Koch never wrote a word. Jimmy Schuyler neither. Or forget them. What about freaking Willy "The Daffodil" Wordsworth? We require a solid … some person … not some damn gassed up oracle unsexed and all … well … you know.

forth to the moral awash in green species

who'd rapped in virtue come

        like a river like a ledge

sparking forty fresh exceptions,

        a long trembly physics of grace,

genuine and particular, cuckoo

        of the breed, dark in risks,

an egg and a flinch, portent

        of, hintful toward, bent over

a puddle … not only in thought

        but here for which books yearnt

long ago and always … a blue

        joy touched into comedy, rapped

into sense, danced from all


stop all that damn burning burning

What they have in their ears they'll shout

if they have to. The good life smokes us

some mountaintop moments carved in lots

of threes and sevens. A lot of time. I'd add

a fracas of gnats to my anthology just

to guess that one kind soul might save

the earth at last. This then will probably

save the earth at last.

when you begin to make a change

you can only say it one way but when you see it

full of cracks … ledges tipped this way & back

… you understand how far away … we've come for lunch

and of course … we read for phrases … a thought

lost for tall grass and wild bergamot … say it

this way … and please review our tense magnificence

once … before our next meeting … call me back

here they are these titles you asked for

… Simple Language Paste

… o i see how this works

… Seeming Wise & Coded

… pretty wrecked without some persian freshness

… Set Up for Three Weeks

… a well-known figure in a goldfish

… The Whale Person Implicated

… now for the old worst film 

… Where the Singing Fleur Went Wrong

… how to and then of course

... O Not Now It's Too Uncanny

… can't be cute & allusive in the same

… Can't Beat the Windrows

… stopping torture in these rooms

… I'd Never Use the Word That Means To Rot

… conversation and misunderstanding

three gardens

1. Important mainly because of the words in the message.

Rising a bit. Then

smaller even down to the tiniest parts

and why happy. To notice

ash in my newspaper cuffs. Even smaller as

kids take legal beatings. Small as

enough and done with it.

Then rising a bit.

2. Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

Well, you can't just come right out and say it, can you?

I want to grow in love my love for you and your love for me and well all of us. In love you know. Alive.

You know I'd die for you. That extreme. I'd break everything for you.

And then the world went green (like in Spring, not Whole Foods). It felt unnatural. Or 

I thought I closed that door. The garbage is out.

3. Important mainly because of the message in the words.

Look at this. I mean. Look at it all. This is Life, dammit. And it is not simple. It is complex and. It hurts. When it's easy sure the ground breaks open like apple brown betty. But when it's tough. Somebody ends up crying. All the carefulness in your pockets will not change that. What this crucifix this empty tomb says. Try harder. Then stop trying. And