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February 2012

whatever its place

I was listening to it

and then the world 

was afraid I was afraid

of the world spent

into something I'd

understood as small

a step away from that

I was one person

on the ride I would not

stand up except to say

nothing you can hear it

step away into one leaf

for the moment for any

bit of it not to say

it's likely that one

should never say

ever again the sentence  

an absurd commitment

to any world of no

wind-blown branches

water burnt stone

lively dirt or

breath of it

not in the strictest sense

In seeming ... you and the light

        can pretend to be allies … compatriots 

                even in the arms of say morning …

and then you'll feel okay and solid. So

        now you've thrown some wisdom away

                for the sake of noting How Shallow This

then seeping into a honey locust maple

        a branch of cedar hemlock or the spider

                made to order for the morning's game.

Long breaths now. 

i'm sorry to start praying this way

These pronouns stand for the community that I presume

even in the middle of a great funk of loneliness and pricks

against anyone's ballooning ego. This waiting like Beckett's

waiters. Less than an hour of it. And I forgot to say how

it's his birthday and I suppose I'm still angry or what's

the correct protocol around These Imprisoned and rightly

so. Disappointments. We've made them of the disposable parts

of ourselves. And these we've assembled to offer here. Now.

thank you inside and out

Asserted and standard we block the story with our faces. We go on
blocking and asserting, standing up for all the truth we spent on

the nuisance of becoming whole in an optional portrait, our plots
I MEAN MINE our plots come second. Our faces come first because I

enjoy mirrors more than just about anything: your mirrors come or
matter the most. Then MINE which are of course overfed and softer

because we accept this softness as necessarily parting from youth
and a tale of Deliverance bright and custardy as a minute in MINE.