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December 2011

of when they constellate a home and how


take their language with them they spend


on not understanding or so texturizing themselves


put our sexes or categories to use in pronouncing


good to go for now through next december



seem to be exchanging breaths for twins


for a minute of mine so no damage to


after some feast in the bounty of 


what they did they upset me

now carelessness … thinking money

                    had an insight

                                        & poems of

nothing to do with as or like

                    lying down but not dead …

                                        archeological punctuation ends 

me … well … that search for 

                    a workman like … assortment of glyphs

                                        … hidden relations in my theory …

as with the bird … i don't kill it …

                    as with the road … i let it tremble …

                                        like … you said it once & rhymed 

"Greet Ben & Anthony who risked 

                    their necks for me … " all one

                                        then capable of … the play comes off

in silver lines & busted wings …

                    always busting … the strings …

                                        just … before the radio goes

"Here's your chance to hit it big"

                    … you can do everything at once

                                        as like broken & like fixed