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June 2011

i was never the class clown

What it is about birds then about

streams that fierce electricity a

tough distance comes back to saying

How about another evening with Bob

or This next circuit will be full

when the arcs roll off in trains.

Like my feelings in single file. 

Then smoldering back in the yard.


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not far now from knowing

that the handle pronounces itself into my grip

the bird insinuates a crease in the sky. a word

just as virtually a cardboard sign. many things

get my attention. some smell bad. as a drop.

but then what happens reneges on all its maps.

I take back every hosanna & yessir. No Credit.


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talk about ghosts

Calming down. Then it'll be (My Good) the woman in 

old dresses who

picks through

a disservice to 

something you

eerily knew

had to be true

It was this fear that got me all jammed up & (I) forgot to love it.



drags his feet in the powder under the swing as in

forgetting which song goes da da da dum roll de rim

da da dee dum roll de rum … but grips on to a chain-

tight live-long day … I'd start by squinching down against

tiny glass beads blown into my eyes as if sparkling 

hadn't learned anything from this muttering


far far far.


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