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November 2010

where your carp are swimming now

Is poetry good advice. The through-traffic

        could be a step toward moral responsibility.

And once the waiters stop we can talk. To tell

        the story that forgot once upon a place. The name

cancelled its reasons. Say dessert's a bluesy

        ice cream to shock us back into reading or

send the waiters off to greasy pelicans.

        As the storm grows sultry our vitamins hunker down

and turn the page.


Read HERE.

some footing

Why you just say it and mean it. 

The world will stand for your invisible children. To a point.

Talk to something that is not human. This will demonstrate a mentally healthy shift toward biotic engagement.

My rock, you are older and better looking but are you wiser yet than me?

See. A rock isn't.

Speak with conviction about that area of matted grass where deer slowly turn their shiny heads to secrets after a day full of eating sunlight and pooping out sturdy round bundles of the residue of their delirium.

Now on to the pores.

There's nothing not invisible available to my sense that you just looked away. I was talking and you looked away.

Take up singing.

dude you don't have to listen
dude you don't have to rearrange or reacquire
dude you don't have to sing so loud
dude put it there put it here put it anywhere
dude we've got a whole bunch of perforations already
dude the apples the apples

and lift so long

a concern straining is it through

goodbye … I acted

after the crack-up … or

this ... is it hello ... or





a serious question about dreams


            trying to make it. I made it & got


            insects for completion. Poems that 


            me away but I still love you. Can I


            that here? Like a white cat & her smaller


            shaped kittens by the split back fence.


            ged as my love for you. Or as planted


            nasturtiums & of course those kittens


            their cat in all ignorance of my love


            for you. Up on our toes in a field.