if you wanted something it would be a dead end
mouths eyes full

they live on a range of properties

into bodies

the orchestra

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2. Re: Endnotes problem
3. Indexes in literature
4. Re: Indexes in literature
5. Re: Indexes in literature

of the palliative, or other words for

what to write: the light
on the snow, the asphalt drive,
the window

scraps of reading from
perry moore, gurney norman,
mlinko on rilke

names spirits

one needs to apply a small amount
one needs to follow through
one needs to still life
one needs "a remarkable partnership"

still life

Just yesterday or the day before I was wondering if Joel was dead. I didn't remember hearing that he was, but I thought he was anyway. And then just now a message arrives that he died last night. I got to know him a bit when he lived with us in Niagara during our novitiate. He was a gentle, quiet man … an unexciting teacher of … what? … who liked to walk long walks with his friend John … I was a bit surprised when he traveled off to Torreon to help establish our presence there … When I'd meet him again at a chapter, he'd invite me down for a visit or a lifetime.

once stopped
there's some returning

through the bad place
to shuffle

through the wondering

once and not
a sadness exactly then

more objects

or on another line



a still life
the bad place shuffles
what to write
of what spirits
these are the questions to which i've no answers.
this reads really well with your post on st john of the cross; a meshment of sorts it seems


thanks ... didn't like this much at first but it's turned into something (in my head) ... thought i'd be posting more but have hit another rocky spot ... o well ...

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