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September 2007

a brilliant adaptation

I say it sometimes and think it wasn't mine.

Well none of it is. The exotic exclamations.

We may cover the period 1585 to 1828 or

1882, but I said it hasn't ever been mine.

Not in the literal way our ballets become

Ours. As quick and irresistible instruments.

I'd always plot some cross words but end up

Sorry I ever said it. Inadequately. Gifted.

tours and matches

Architect. I'm heaping brick and steel. What glass.

What finery. Filigree work. We have many openings.

I'm knee-deep in predation. Gluttonous in fact. As.

A kitten's first mouse. The walls and ceiling creased

In hunger's reddish mix. Formidable nutritional depth.

the way the other

I stopped opening the poet when the horrible.

Exigencies renders a throat impassable.

To reinvent how one goes on just now and now.

Being the one poet in an orchestral Grammar.

Insinuates some pleasure along the edges here.

out of and falling

In particular the desk is sloped toward celestial confidence.

Wasn't it bright today? I called and you almost came quickly.

Hey look here we're all intellectual and formidable in ties.

In our poetry we will reenact our silty reasonable childhood.

In particular but the sky has to spread wide for the crow.

not only against the mostly dark

Seizing on the first part. The gorse runs brilliant this evening.

I'm on wings and the schedules are fixed to Permanent Bursting.

What happens next is. A recording based on the pretty daydreams

We borrowed from the editors. An exceptional Limit like a cough.

Then the second part surprises. Not so soggy as the mold implies.

And third is all in German. We flee from it to the fourth.

I'm taking your hand. Follow on to the New Deep Evergreenery.

on the ell

My corporation is mobilized for the respite.

In an actual world this would mean something.

How do you say ... in prose now ...

There are no leaks but the sky's fingers.

How many xes will one find in the next alphabet.

Why not a thousand prices princes prizes.

Whole funnels of questions for demon Gravity.

carried around with me

Whoever we were saddled in our firs or confusions

We were approaching zeros in a flash of lines or

We were lost sunspots leaking out or farther in

To the bigger show. The portrait sorted once and

Disordered in the attic. Stranded on fire at last.