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August 2007

marigolds in the center

So why can't anyone rubbish the moon?

We forgot our ground and forgot it again.

Weren't there plenty of ashes to go round?

My assertions are polyps for snipping close.

But then turn into an orange and see how.

I'm blocked. They parked all over. I'm done.

some difficult episode

There's lost and there's falling through the matter of fact.

When we talk about these conditions we reproduce orphans.

I'm for instance bound to the lazy male lions, circus myths.

The new low interest credit doesn't interest me. I'll spring

No mean trick from my lair to kiss the extraordinary guess.

Every time. Look for me under "Cartesian Sheep." Baa.

many list some bend

Articles I buried in sentences for safekeeping.

Houses I burned for strangers.

Long visits with gardeners and babbling on.

About prices. About justice. About rhizomes.

Sleep I got for free. Expensive night.

These I installed and then forgot about.

Brave articles in my gurgling dumbshow.

out cold

If I'm artificial I'm sorry I wasn't trying on electric blue

Flag pants when you came in. I was lying to myself about

Winter. I was defending a cough and hoping the broken

Window would do anything I asked. It to. It too you see

Has an option to be unhelpful or impossible as textbooks

Nobody takes seriously. Call me and I'll be conspicuous.

but the next and so on

It's likely I pulled my clock into the nineteenth century.

You'd never guess I had it with me all through the eighteenth.

In powder and lice. Barrels of unmentionable filth.

But then in Reason's gin mill we were ready for anything or

Blindly took it on ... anything ... that piston full of shadows

Diving and flying here and back there ... down one gully

no pie for losers

Say for a pedestrian the sky isn't stopping.

The sky never stopping pretends what it was.

Which was helpful to say the least ... and in the extreme.

A pedestrian can crawl so far. Then a hand comes down.

Not stopping but coming down so far to poke or pinch.

Then like a villain the sky goes back.

Having shored up all the inches of us.

i'd say too

This fancy as my symptoms decomposing.

No where to park these ironies.

The fences around your latest gesture make me very much.

Shakes and underneath it a profound determination to lie.

Makes me think everybody's stupid and interesting.

why outside

Just before the audience collapses

Into we are. Into who sat for the kids.

I am reaching for weather & war.

There you have it. I notice a mansion burning.

Flown up into pigeons. For happiness' sake.

And then home.

new treatise

Since it's gone mannered

If not to a mannerism. This breath

Will have to stand

For all the rest. You understand

This breath. It has followed you home.

This one. Smug. Indirect.

As for metaphor think. Cages.

Clear plastic.