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May 2007


Waiting for the foot to fall.

Weren't you the target I needed?

No. I was. No I was.

My own foot falling.

A dread of others lined up against me.

A dread in the background then.

Moving up. I was the target.

And am tremendous in dread.

About the time we'd figured it's night.

Night and more night and so on.

I scared myself to sleep.

don't you just

Is that all you can come up with?

Is that your bicylce in the grass?

Is this my handlebar sideways naturally?

Is one of these the last in a series?

Aren't they as thought perpetual?

Aren't they the trend in a larger thing?

and then


Spoken in defense of the river's density, I said destiny again.


"Spoken in defense of the river's density," I said. "Destiny again."


Spoken in defense of the river's density, I said "Destiny" again.


Spoken in defense, of the river's density I said, "Destiny Again."


Spoken in destiny of the river's defense, I said density again.


"Spokes in defense of the river's Destiny," I said. "Density again."


know it's not the end

Something Las Casas said to Catullus immersed in burgundy.

Never mind I dropped the thread and there's the window.

Weren't you holding out for something Andy said years ago

About the rosary. It's plunked and swollen. Even dry.

But under the old dog we get a scouring glance of the godlike.

Spoken in defense of the river's density. I said destiny again.

welcome home baby

And every poem is impossible and

Obvious. Missing

And oblivious as any poem maybe.

No choice

Drawn by the inner oily part

But which

Signalled today's the whale of it.

The poem

Recognizes a resemblance and slips away.

touching the template

Sure. I'll put the bird here.

Was it a hawk or a robin?

It flew a sign. An opera.

I'll watch the clock full of

Borders. And you promise

Dark chocolate but it burns

My tongue. So go simply.

See. Page Up puts me

In the cloud, so central

The bird was on the level.