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April 2007

it and i

Or not enough to say "pullcord."

Say "plastic cone at the end of the pullcord."

Then pull cord. And up comes morning

Brighter than remembered. Two girls

Red blue and gray in iPods exclaiming birds.

A single boy in black. A puddle of four others.

How suddenly it all went green. This telling

Takes us no closer to the day.

But we're ghosts. So we're easily fooled.

We're in the tree. Then on the street.

We're thinking for breakfast. Then typing.

I wanted all the time I needed and I have it.

so now

Here's this macadam cloister in a suit.

A comic in a pontoon delivery truck

Sails into a bar ... I was just joking.

This is my hand out against it all ...

This is my annoyance my grief my

Sad heart falling down against war

In a cloistered suit delivered as is.

or brought to the reading

As in orphic mud.

Not that life isn't. Thrown out.

Unmeasured but the scrawled posture.

Why can't anyone.

Or past anyone's selfish farming.

Even a pert question looks like a statue.

To me the sky isn't.

Something. It's everything suspect.

Its journals make me hope for radio or tv.

Or i'd blended in.

Lacking features as a voice.

I was probably sundered considering my.

encouragement a combo

A dune roach buzzes the recently emerged la-la analysis.

What could anyone do with a sentence like that between

Morning sessions and holy lunch? You in a tu-tu. Student

Studying enjoyments full of perforations. Minutes aching

Sound like a language next to the human run up against

It but not anything other than the raw matter of thought.

Good enough for that. Better than any of the death here.

Far gleam the vices stipends no longer Swedish implore.

you the making

O ego tortoise tremendous dart.

O the long star jiggles everyone.

I was turning and didn't realize

You were coming up behind me.

Just as an iceberg will tip its hat

To the southern currents, so I

O I mark the nuisance of a note.

a good deal in charge now


That you shouldn't make any big decisions in this state.

That we're propelled outward toward a gust of food.

That one and another one only concern one not the others.

That this in part is magical racketeering. There.

That this promotes an unhealthy affection.


Little horses, little edges across them,

Little breaths or tensions in their breeze.

I'll take one of these pictures and one more

With the sunset and a shadow government.

My one vote for an obscure, healthy mannerism.

any one cow

Will it film itself crawling up through my script?

The way it executes a disarmingly beautiful surface,

Will it please the rubberneckers beginning

To cough and chortle? It's a human momentum

And I mean it to stand for intelligence.

You understand gardens, affections, exuberance

Better than I do. More. And this cinematic

Shrivelling, too late for the new luckless editions,

Comes just in time. To light a face, you see.

Comes just now to fix the flesh and flux of sons.

here crawling

Curious chapter. The boy endures and the girl endures.

Two hundred eighty-seven translations from the Earnest.

Not twins and smiles but gulfs and heroics.

Not the language of an unintentional punk.

Sentences and birds come back to write The New Romance.

This chapter in which. This chapter on the limit.