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March 2007

as it

May be my craggy autonomy. I call myself

Angelic autistic alimentary ashes.

And you announce the offense against an s.

Some vague judgments pull doors & shutters shut.

he or it

Marked me one for the listening then another for plunder.

Still I was ready and useless. Were we in the bank or the dining hall?

Just as our grandparents begin, we denounce Quantity happily.

Particularly the gnatty heroics everyone expects. Too much.

Everybody too careful and offensive in slippers. Yeah, too much.

not an if to me

now for now and later

i'm rejecting the sticky

quality of the forward

looking container as

one in which anyone

might matter momentarily

then pass outward

as an egg travels on

so will we, my glossies,

my glossaries of glassy

glimpses. so will we.


the next poem

My world claimant sang me off, so here you go.

An elementary particle on the edge of a howling miniature adjective.

On a field door, fallen on love with inflations.

If you want to zing out, zing out. Wither wasting.

& lacks the kind of point a male model might require.

I wanna be a. National worst case. No marching.

No more marching.

But plenty of groping toward past or far far back ahead.


You know I'm talking about you now.

scuds of day

They'll never let you inside

From the corner. You got to

Know somebody out back.

Then I paid to have it restored but man.

Whichever one you need we probably got it

If you think it's what you you know need.

Oh. Say I put yellow next to red for awhile.

What the hell. Might as well pump some gas.

It's a gas. Gas gas.

on so then

I'm making you think about darkness now.

Or democracy. Discovery. Papal denunciations.

You're thinking of milk. More than milk. The sky.

You may be refreshed, but ...

Once upon a time there was a lonely prince.

from a bygone era

Okay. Come visit my diction.

My narrow cell incites you. Merrily.

That was scarey until we were exhausted.

Poets full of travel and injury we will be.

Okay. Come. For the victim's inversion stay.

Convoys of friends moving away from the incident.

Now we've done it. Voices in shoes. A heaping.

Or it was just your problem while we gaped.