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07 November 2008



i know i'm not cool...never actually been to facebook or invited, but i got an invite out of the blue to "poems by tom" but it's some guy i never heard of. Brings home the fact i'm no one's demographic but does it mean i'm out of touch?
whatever it means to be a friend on facebook i dont know since its not a site i'm famiiar with but if you're writing on facebook i guess i can see it would be cool to be a "friend" if it makes it easier to see waht you're writing


To be a friend on Facebook is to have been confirmed one by any other member of Facebook.

For example, if you were to sign up at Facebook, you could search for me Br. Tom Murphy. And when you found me you could click a little link that says "Add as a Friend." I would then get a mesage that you want to be my friend. If I know you (or, as lately, if I think you mean me no harm), I will confirm you. And that's all there is to it.

I don't really "write" on Facebook. I just sort of hang out ... which is all anyone does there ... hang out and observe what everyone else is doing ... mostly via their Status statements. It's a very silly thing.

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