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22 October 2008



i started reading howl and ginsberg in general in hs and it's as real now as ever it was -- i like to think that if i were a poet i could be a kind of a ginsberg maybe in my own way.
silly, huh?


he's such a one-off ... impossible to be a kind of a ... but it's not silly to want Poetry for yrself ... to want that power of making & that connection ... of understanding ...

I'm stuck w/ my own lately & on the verge of stopping for awhile ... feeling kind of regressed (in none of the good ways) ... but I'm open to some spirit-possession by good old AG ... ommmmmm


See Dale Smith : Some Options for a Career in Poetry : http://absentmag.org/?p=25


i've enjoyed yours of late though i'm not getting around as much since ike


but i have been squatting in your space as i string letters into words and then chain the words together
i don't intend an intrusion but you say you don't mind and i can only believe that you tell the truth about that so ... your writing provides a space which i appreciate so thank you for that


really enjoyed dale smith's poem -- and how often do you see the word sublate used in any context much less a poem?
why are things so complicated?
i was born about some many years too early - i think -- but i guess then i'd be not me and then who? Do you have a voice, do we all or any have a voice? and/or is it a matter of finding or owning a voice? do you know what you are as opposed to who whether as a poet/writer/carmelite/etc? do you know you write well if no one tells you -- which you might hav figured you write well as you do and comments to such are left - but if you had no feedback how would you know? I agree now the way to do this is start a blog or whatever you call it and write whatever comes my way -- maybe some pictures too just cause it's fun -- but i fear no one will read/visit/say anything or will say only negative -- now to figure out how to set it up. Fear sucks but thanks for the nudges that direction.

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