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20 August 2008



good for you


Thanks. I guess it's permitted to toot one's own horn now and then ... toot ... toot ...


it seems there are 2 toot procedures anymore -- 1) if another won't toot for you but it's an accom[plishment of which you're proud you toot for yourself --haven't figured if it's insecurity, apathy, "i'm too busy or what that leads to this inability to say something nice for and about another; 2) we all toot for everyone whether it's deserved or not, as in all team or class members get trophies no matter how dismal their performance which is, i submit, one of the biggest disservices we've done to our children since it rewards nothing -- not even mediocitry is rewarded as the mediocre have the same award as the total idiot who did nothing and cares not at all, the same as the kid who worked hard bc it mattered and was important.
I in fact quit coaching youth soccer bc it's not helping anyone to pretend we're all the same with equal skill and participation -


sorry - doubted i should have commented anyway being irrelevant and its not my place and then to see it did twice?
Less clutter and brain scat i should aim for


I trimmed yr second one ... such power I have.

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