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November 2017

of course

you needed to say I you did

but it was obviously still

a friendly voice we needed

to picture hearing someone

for orientation and for re-

assurance the codes went on

long into the night without

us not that this is anyone

me speaking to you not that

a mountain walks into a bar

and calls me a liar I guess

that’s right you needed to

say this lacks intimacy as

a feeling here’s another one

in the cold room with me not

reading not forcing weather

into its own perfect frame

how to know him

No one is reading dreams. Blueprints

will have something to like say any

poem might collapse into these next

vague things. Did he really say that

our stoned beginnings were crushing

the next and the next chances for a

neo-baroque revival? And when did he

think we'd finally wake to his silly

request for a carbonated beverage? I

think he's part of the plan for good—

a parcel of inability. We'll let it be.

nine items

breaking the law just

that there’s a space or a little room

for this other


“and its main purpose is to benefit the wealthy”

willing wanting waiting for a god who

has a hell & knows how to use it


you must be about something essential

beyond these disconnections

but why when the nightclouds listen for bats


when anyone’s demonic pronouncing

spills over into stable authoritatives about

why bother with all this


the judge said another habit “was very bad”

and we understood him to mean a snobbery

had taken hold of the young man


that one part lost puts me “at a loss”

where’s the sense a fat gourd skillfully recites

“season of mellow fruitfulness” and itches


the world-story practically begs for

a description of race in tart lemony vanishing ink

not yet commercially available


a quorum of bearded young men wordlessly

announces the sanctity of was it

a dreadful nineteenth century proposition


it’s terrible hard to catch some good way back

every inch a blessed broken way

a permeable cartography a will

ten sentences

clip it present it you won’t need to say it


a grief goes uselessly past the daily yeses


distinct as a causal casualty a casual tear


what’s capable of bad phrase after bad word


what’s the word for this after being someone


never found the voice for the gender’s real


maybe a little touched by an occasional one


it takes the place of a form that would have


the old when the old were old a funny tale


the wild too happy to be there young an egg


tough in autumn

one whole thing whose wild geese

were you. afraid.

for that charm did you think

poets put away

their other life to have read

with mother’s insight.

what a thing now for sex

in the air.

but the geese hardly came crawling

refused our groan

our embarrassing cuts maples gone bright

as far verse.

notes a distance where they were

as not anything.