ten sentences
how to know him

nine items

breaking the law just

that there’s a space or a little room

for this other


“and its main purpose is to benefit the wealthy”

willing wanting waiting for a god who

has a hell & knows how to use it


you must be about something essential

beyond these disconnections

but why when the nightclouds listen for bats


when anyone’s demonic pronouncing

spills over into stable authoritatives about

why bother with all this


the judge said another habit “was very bad”

and we understood him to mean a snobbery

had taken hold of the young man


that one part lost puts me “at a loss”

where’s the sense a fat gourd skillfully recites

“season of mellow fruitfulness” and itches


the world-story practically begs for

a description of race in tart lemony vanishing ink

not yet commercially available


a quorum of bearded young men wordlessly

announces the sanctity of was it

a dreadful nineteenth century proposition


it’s terrible hard to catch some good way back

every inch a blessed broken way

a permeable cartography a will


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