the other way
other notes

every word then every single word then

Then I was crushed into thinking about the disasters. Meeting

the bits that reconvened. Their faces had me in pieces, too.

Whichever pronoun took the long view, I was there in spirit.

Something solid happened, caught our breath. We stayed home.


“Then” “I” “was” “crushed” “into” “thinking” “about” “the” “disasters.” “Meeting”

“the” “bits” “that” “reconvened.” “Their” “faces” “had” “me” “in” “pieces,” “too.”

“Whichever” “”pronoun” “took” “the” “long” “view,” “I” “was” “there” “in” “spirit.”

“Something” “solid” “happened,” “caught” “our” “breath.” “We” “stayed” “home.”


Mind without a moment. A scenario.

You’d imagine there’s an incident to which

this refers. Of course there is.

There's always an incident.


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