their way
another argument about poetry

as a monument in

motion useless as useful ‘what

were we talking about’ we

weren’t talking you were

staring at a space between

your eyes and the letter F

‘I was considering the sufficient

wreckage of these my later days’

and yet big people still take

little people by the hand and walk

them to school ‘this is love and

is called love’ of parent for

child ‘yes’ this is common among

them ‘but kept from some as if

they knew’ yes not everyone gets


‘yes there’s no work to do’ I

meant there’s no go for some

‘just clouds, you see’ right

good I get it now just clouds


and if you saw me now I couldn’t

justify anything ‘there’s nothing

to do’ doing nothing at any rate

‘but grinding stumps’ hardly that

even ‘then just go to your room’

go to your room yes ‘unfit for

company’ as they say step away to

it ‘a room without books’ grieving

room ‘for grief’ as they say get

over it ‘how strange that you

never had children of your own’

left behind in a quiet room ‘the

world was unmanageable’ nobody

to open the door ‘nobody to knock’

more’s the pity and treeless the

world. ‘I grieve the books I rid

myself of’ books you couldn’t ‘


no I couldn’t so I’d pick them

up to hold and study what

they might have done ‘where

they might have gone’ of course


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