current events are strangling my prayer
“poets writing in code, nothing seems as normal as ”

what are these tiny red spots

This ethical or unethical syntax wants to believe in itself.

    Who got saved? Which and from what? Unhappiness? Death?

Sentimental Zn: I’m always in the right place at the right time.

    Sincere Zn: I’m a fool. Not a good liar. Not a good thief.

The agreeable burdens of the empty head. Frozen eyes.

    The gays will have. The gays will be. The gays.

To tell the truth, we’re long gone on fast kings and fountains.

    We’re living on. Vivid minerals at rest. Lines of.

Continents set up just so. Winking us toward joy.

    We’re damp crackers. Blue lips. Noted faults.

You just want. Some sensible relations after the lousy vote.

    Projections indicate a sweeping hubbub. Central.

I know you want a poem. No. You want an idea about.

    The real. The may be. The feel of it.


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