by the shallows over there
making it up

opposite the crush

if this were emotional. all my sky were an exhibit. and of teeth.

pardon runny tears and nose. this emotional commission best-known.

for the day everything happened correctly. scheduled to be made up.

after one’s desire crickets and vultures. past horizontal wondering.

you for example cannot or must not be one. one sky of emotional eye.

one individual thread or threat of emotion. grin or grit of teeth.

your face was the tool you forgot to sharpen. in beauty a contract.

that your body had emotions. and you almost died. of a body in time.

being silenced in a range of light. quickly now. hush your face your.

well-known teeth. in buckets of stars. emotional as a certain thing.

aren’t you afraid. then the calm slope of a chair. you were beaten up.

if this were emotional or a single life. work the system this way or.

that. thought a friendly diner. everyone looking at the camera now.

i’m sorry i was afraid i was saying something emotional in my teeth.

it was a quarter after sadness and freedom. i was reading a book for.

the last time. just from the legalities and emotions. how red & pale.

this respect for life and color. carried all the way to the door. she.

the first of the beans. has her own responsibility and seemly emotion.

you could feel then many millions of seeds. one of you will be detained.


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