one perfect one
see this is how you say

all the history

We don’t have time for it isolate as oranges.

No I have plenty of it time that is plenty.

Lives like au revoir bientot as scribbled.

Sobbing important scribbling deaths anywhere.

What came of you after following a thread.

After the grievous end of our younger ways.

He flew to Paris and we didn’t hear anything.

Until he was dead. Then I came off belief as.

A comic that hits the last frame and then what.

We decided to call our days a terrible mess.

But they were just cups of coffee rooms of us.

Smiling becoming plastering wriggling trying.

To what end the obits will have their say but.

Here’s the thing the thing is we knew it had.

A light a brightness about it uncovered though.

Nobody was looking no matter we got it okay.


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