still looking for it
other unrelated matters

unskillful translation

I'm in Washington! We get together!

The poems are guarded, defended. As they are. They would be other than that, but they are this, it seems.

Of course! We agree.

No code. Thick woods flat shrubs facts & sounds. Scent of unfreedom not breezy busy things. Often cramped & asphyxiating grumps. Now & then a push of whimsy a wish to be other.

When you get there?

But I shouldn't.  These things stole a place from silence. What might have been beautiful silence extragalactic silence. I am. Inauthentic as a daydream. Some don’t get it. This deep distraction is my cell.

Today for the night. Until when will you be in Washington?

Not another world. Cats go hungry. Couched as difficult philosophers. More birds than ever. Sparrows and starlings.

Here is my number …


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