what it cost at the line
encaustic agenda

soft as an indeterminate length of string

You shouldn’t put it in the book

that you saw “things”

this way or maybe that way.

These “things” you speak of, would

they have anything to do

with what you want and who they

say you are. Yes. The big

world in tatters climbs your leg.

“prevented always and

ever from common speech

by the shame of it

the inadequate the shame”

shame roses shame horses

porch and vine of shame

over white and red plants

on crutches he’s sixty-

six and never did anything

like this before wrecked

his foot on accident not

a shame but he feels it

and says not in so many

words but standing leaning

over white and red plants

shame the rose the vine of

having hugged the edges

as proof of a solid thing


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