encaustic agenda
on pretending to be traitor to your own vast unventilated best interest

notes on the preceding

That you could reconsider what has been written over all these years. Possibly as a whole but also as individual items, parts, bits. That a commentary on these bits might shed light where the items themselves are merely confusing or even infuriating in their disconnections.

That you could set the older part over against the more recent thought. That they could in this way speak to each other across time, I suppose. As if to answer. What does this mean? What were you thinking? But no. It can only ever be What are you thinking? This moment here. Accompanied by a tiny clock that says, no matter what it indicates, now and now. This right here.

That it would always be as much a commentary on the present moment’s meanings and preoccupations as on the item’s significance in the past.

That you could place one item on top of the others. And say This One.


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