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October 2015

about this prayer

they will each have something to say

who’s quick to cast into hell hush

hush hush hush and hush … hush … hush

if you are not loved

made imperfectly unmade

important and genuine

guessing and perpetual

maker of little lines these

sewn figures rancor-strewn

makers of too much noise

if you are so imperfectly

they will have something to say

sorry for this but then it’s not

it’s not like we had an appointment

in that chinese place i can’t even

eat most of that shit i was

luckily born to hamburgers but stopped before

my first colonoscopy which i passed but

we might have met on a bench

it was always just before the rain

i was hungry were you hungry too

so it wasn’t raining but i said

you make it too easy to laugh

i’m always laughing when you’re here with

me even just before the rain i’ll

of the usefulness of

even talk
is fog
her beautiful
little self


“i put dada on my head to show birds
my quiet lungs are dada sunsets
more more dada than dairies in rivers
completely selling & spending us
i put dada on my foot to bless it”


sets her
lovely voices
in two
gilt frames