a completely preventable disorder
when it takes more energy to do nothing than to do something

please help me stop writing crappy poetry

Please help me. Stop writing crappy poetry.

Please. Help me stop writing crappy poetry.


(The Universe)

There. Is. No. Help.

there aren't any natural formations in language or there are only natural formations.

think about antonio gaudi. not trying not to imitate. a gaze.

imitate a gaze. speak up for shit as the best farmers always have.

no one sends me visitors. i pledge allegiance to the absence of visitors.

and then. yes my death is not a person. my death is not anything.

eye has not heard nor ear seen

    white power
    trucks with poles

yet assemble the senses. these called the body back. to attention.

or on the page someone wrote there's enough breath. some shedding.

shitting for life. we weren't to play there. shunning that part.

as each root goes forth and back in time. i'd dance if i had feet.



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