he says it comes with the option to say nothing at all
after completing this deliberately

as didst promise heretofore

publicly where the ground goes up they say

    here's the best … even far back in time …

    not mismatched with … local flora and fauna …

whatever's here … once toothiness and hungry

    red intention … complements our grey blue

    lunacy did I say lunacy … pocked minutes so

slicked up by remembering the dead not even

    your mother could calm it down with her

    honey it'll be alright just drink a little

of this … suddenly … chocolate composition look

    here's a feeling that's not excluded by

    talking without consequences … in attics

alleys, boxes, basements, front yards, kitchens …

    presently uninvolved but later stomped

    in a famous breakout … a breath … in fact



if i had to name the color of my lunacy it would be in fact a grey blue, more on the grey and the blue would be on the white side - a cold lunacy, like a blustery winters day.
but until you wrote that I hadn't really put any words to it.

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