as didst promise heretofore
at a quarter past you find

after completing this deliberately

what can I         say that

    won't lance        your

brief blister         of interest    ?

having searched     haphazardly

               and failed to find

facts about previous lives     orphans

then more uncertainty



    is this     too    precious   

    discharged    from        where    ?

I mean sort of I bet I go    "

    look    this puts    us    all    under

eventually    will it hurt        ?    "

well     it better



i like the spacing, how it (to me anyway) slows it down.
I've not figured out really how to use that tool when i try to write. I can do the fast hard rush but not the slow deliberative.
Any ideas on how, about, learning to do it in my own?

Tom Murphy

Yeah ... that spacing. I don't know about it ... just try to feel my way through it while writing & revising ... and after the fact ... after feeling at first that this is really good ... I almost always regret it ... I guess you just try to look & listen ... worth playing with but probably not for publishing ... unless yr like charles olson or somebody

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