what's understood by my
he says it comes with the option to say nothing at all

but not for publication

"I need no assurances." Walt Whitman

    Articles in play. For the drama of an intimate parking lot.

    Articles in mirrors. For the cast of a spelling bee.

    Articles in strife. For post-colonial fashion-mongers.

    Articles in depth. For whales planked up in dry dock.

    Articles in motion. For sonograms in admiration of.

    Articles in place. For wolves of the rocky auditorium.

    Articles in fire. For thirteen symptoms of food.

    Articles in teeth. For delirium tremens in transition.

    Articles in loss. For inspectors of wonderful catastrophe.

"But I need it by next Tuesday." Kenneth Koch


Tom Murphy

10 years of Pretend Poetry™ — as of this

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