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February 2013

he says it comes with the option to say nothing at all

And about an apartment building. They never go out.

And they could use some dark green serrated greenery.

And they could use this trash in wind. For free.

And this time an apartment building. Standing up.

Obviously hive-driven. Honey-built. Immersive bees.

But to walk like Trousers in the last silent movie.

And about this other thing. Not an apartment building.


But not wrong. Not vexed or sullen.

Something like a dictionary.

but not for publication

"I need no assurances." Walt Whitman

    Articles in play. For the drama of an intimate parking lot.

    Articles in mirrors. For the cast of a spelling bee.

    Articles in strife. For post-colonial fashion-mongers.

    Articles in depth. For whales planked up in dry dock.

    Articles in motion. For sonograms in admiration of.

    Articles in place. For wolves of the rocky auditorium.

    Articles in fire. For thirteen symptoms of food.

    Articles in teeth. For delirium tremens in transition.

    Articles in loss. For inspectors of wonderful catastrophe.

"But I need it by next Tuesday." Kenneth Koch

what's understood by my

My this is here blue and not very convincing,

but this is timely and long drawn out in time.

So very happy to see you again. When was the

last time. I have never been there. My this

will take awhile to get used to. Slamming my

fist against let's call it the sunset. I find

I'm not ready to go out not ready for the out

as they paint it red with very fine yellows

flecks and specks of yellow as if breathed on.

we are going toward it and finding again

Those large early surréalistes ... les poétes ... d'accord ...

If you want lots of them just ... formal here ... find a bakery.

Les Artistes read all they want. Get the first book back.

Pick up your pencils and tear them up. Les écritures go on

all day ... at least until the taxi says ... Our Poets smight

Religious Figures. Alright. Fine. What breath ... catches.

Says a prayer in calling forth. Ideological Tropes & Blues.