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December 2012

theater arts

Sound you can't hear is here now.
    [A physical sensation must have leached into our study. An altered reading of an essay by Poe or a poem

Some frogs (what happened to your verbs) or hunches of star-travelers
    [There was an actual pond until the heavy machinery came to make something new

No more chaos once we add basic black
    [Because it's in the end made of each and every thing

Need a brain recorder for my good thoughts at the edge of sleep

Too easy to forget silly art … I've always been energized by silly art
    [Denatured and repetitive as my trick with aluminum foil

Too much church language and a bad effect on the brain of Biran
    [You have to accept some mistakes as sad, unwrapable gifts

In transit without birds without
    [additional promises winsome recreations potential ordinations

Tuned to guessing what poetry forces out comes out in urges
    [The vast and puny ego for lighter performance and brighter audience. All us lilies in crystal. No toes. No belly fat

Maybe I lack. An apt concept. You know idea.
    [might just as easily flounder in the course of its mixing and making

Where I walked and did. SOMETHING with birds in it.
    [Large and little feathered bags of me fell to the stage from the rigging