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October 2011

one reason

w/out degree 

                making strange

Murphy "writes out of his experience of"

"potent poetry topics" The New

Attention requires notation

of the ordinary and "extravagant" 

                respiration just below the actual 

breath it took to climb this far


Said notes found

illegible in dream journals. "I practice

listening against

impending blindness" resistant

                in places 

"turning one's back on every

and any priesthood."    

                                    Make your own

way up the sacred stream. Make

your own. My ordinary

                pushing into the wilder. Did you say God looks

                especially handsome today. I thought

                you did. And accomplished something.

No poem until something happens 

                and later is found 

                        waking and walking or waltzing

up the banks of everything

                        I forgot