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from 07/29/2006


pertains to circumstances none of us are handling well ...

in which later on a dog collar is found in the dresser drawer ...

in which one unmarries the other on that very night ...

in which a stranger comes breathing fire ...

in which one must learn facts ... only facts ...

in which the robots refuse to work ...

in which the partisans rest on the hill grey for days ...


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from 11/11/2010


Why you just say it and mean it. 

The world will stand for your invisible children. To a point.

Talk to something that is not human. This will demonstrate a mentally healthy shift toward biotic engagement.

My rock, you are older and better looking but are you wiser yet than me?

See. A rock isn't.

Speak with conviction about that area of matted grass where deer slowly turn their shiny heads to secrets after a day full of eating sunlight and pooping out sturdy round bundles of the residue of their delirium.

Now on to the pores.

There's nothing not invisible available to my sense that you just looked away. I was talking and you looked away.

Take up singing.

dude you don't have to listen
dude you don't have to rearrange or reacquire
dude you don't have to sing so loud
dude put it there put it here put it anywhere
dude we've got a whole bunch of perforations already
dude the apples the apples


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from 11/26/2009


Something happening. Rhetorical forestry.

Moon in the cave of a sea drift log. Not mine.

Its ugly world drove me to buying. Then.

Nothing. So I approached its limited light. 

And forgot to sigh its unmanly sighs just

Because the boys expect a timber tone. Just

For gentle's sake. I traveled off-world to

Specify which crow had spoken aptly to

One of us who had come upon the book

Of speaking crows. These trees are not 

So numbered now. Some chilly orations.


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from 11/23/2008


Moving from here you expect you have what you need.

[the new poets are young and/or handsome and/or pretty]

You suspect they've come with the best boxes, the surliest protective pads.

[the new philosophers are invisible]

And we'll get to our end without the extraordinary bruise or the catastrophic goof.

[the new president]

You might have failed, for example, to acquire the right paper, but this you know is not failure but opportunity.

[the new artists take long walks]

As the sun today hardly bothered the air.

[the new parents are with child]

It can get away with anything specific and not too expensive.

[the new fat people are more portable]

Spitting in the grass, and such.

[the new film-makers are in parentheses]

The insurance people come to gape.

[the new discussions explode]

So we pack.

[the new]

We want to bring it with us.

[the new]

We just do.

[the new disclosures are less offensive]

Our desire isn't the hubbub we thought we needed, and the end's a comfort even as improved oral hygiene is.

[the new farms are beautiful in morning overalls]

It's a convenience.

[the new delight congeals around a sentence]

And we're on our way


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from 11/27/2007


My engine wasn't the public school. It was

A private infantile devotion to becoming &

Turning into. That which rhymed with. Here.

I earned my wax by burning my fingers so.

And excluded. Sense in a full blue bottle of.

Fragile thin maps made me a beachfront.

I turned warlike & popular as a far cliff & you.

Later found in county records a score of me.


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from 11/25/2006


Hadn't been a fraud long

But long enough for reasons

Feeling myself to be an Optical

Knot, faithless, a cork

In time. But fraudulent as

Pork. Making whistles &

Whispers of what was not

Ink. Out-scale juicery.

This then the next and so on.

Unequal to the national

Challenge to be

More a new shirt than

An extra one. Artless.

A loss I couldn't count.


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from 05/29/2010


This following was found on a rot-splintered log and transcribed last fall by one of the factors of the place. It was almost awake when he found it and pulped it with two capable alphabet stones. Its corpse expresses an other-worldly scent of cultic purity within which some can only sit and shiver. 

Our autopsied said … chocolate or …

In … tenders … to open … grow on in … 

Of exile … unpublic … himself of … 

One agent … qualms … ethics … as one … 

O blue beans … tell me … a new bowl … 

To pay up … blood use … pretends to … 

As it was the last of its brand, we thought it fitting to arrange this mechanical service; and now, thank Jack, our duty's done. Vivat Coagulate!


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from 01/10/2010


Blow the sun

to gadgets. Why. 

Then a landscape. 


Burnt upside brown. 

Just. Find verbs. 

Go prettify. As


genius has to

guess. I'm now 

telling you to.


A list of

new cleansing agents

bold as sunlight


organizes our sleep.

So tells us

it's inexperience


that breeds these 

death cults everywhere.

And now. Here.


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from 08/19/2010



to dissolve nature into three


toward the vile separation

of what it means to or

for political poetry

or how it came from

cities big enough to know

you know better


to underestimate this

year's skin and bone

as the

broken audio at the end

or an appendix to Greed


to be thrown off

the complimentary wine

easing some of us

into zombie days of

attraction to our

solar parts


to have written 

all that 



not be 

free as one 



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from 02/03/2010


Some marks are more meaningful than the others.

Not one poet. Not with fingers. Not with toes.

Insistent & apocalyptic. Something wants us washed away.

Swept off for no reason we can figure.


But we cannot do this in a drum-like fashion.

History just got a standing ovation.

New Beer For A New Beat.

Movable Ovation seeks Movable Inspiration.


Throughout the entire history of banning, I just assumed.

In the blackest corners of banning, I created infrastructure. 

Banning was too hard to beat, so I promoted confession. 

Across the road from banning, I founded a school.


It's trees I prefer. Them to just about anything. Trees. 

And it's creeks and their rocks. And it's breathing. Yes.

That is preferable. To words. Limited and quiet. Yes.

All these things. I'll take them just about any time. Trees.


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