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in person

When we decide to talk again after this.

Which has been a collaborative dust.

Which plows itself into an acre of sky.

And saw we'd been formed in disorder. 

Well. I know some names and strike the nails.

I smile my secrets all morning. 

Which is to say to noon. And you.

Filing our oaks to keen edges.

Have an idea.


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given one's place in the sun

You might be afraid of these statements that are not feelings.

The content of that belief. The content of that belief. Or

Tells this a thousand times and runs fingers through mysterious

Stuff. Goes to school with your brothers and sisters. A bible

Of hornets and rust. I couldn't match a single knick-knack

To my keen observation that All Intimacy Arrives in Drumming.


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title: pressed on to a new day

as in 'we're all a little crazy' as

from the problems 

swimming counterintuitively as of

'merriment' penned in old voices

-- a proponent as an apostle -- as of

well, thrust forward through spaces unfulfilled as in

'certainly not here'

not, in fact, anywhere 

trees grow …


we don't know

some spins us trips us up …


as for

imperative sentences in useless suits 

        Take our course and proceed with the measurements.

        Listen to whatever will serve.

        Settle into a few ponds of feelings and ideas.

sentences in pursuit

        Not clever but shows up with clever ones.

        How could we have played it any gayer.

        The labels, man, the labels.

sentences tucked away in terrific places

        Oh, when …

        While you …

        Sure, but …


"We'll catch a plane at Hopeville."


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