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February 2011

past due

Habitually folded into Valentine messages

Love is
either property

or Love is
an undertaking 

        the marshmallow honey the orange peel kale


My love for you is 20th century typography

Your love for me is a fogged window here high up

There are no broken dishes in our love

But there are any number of careless distinctions

Prepare your heart for these:

        some testimony 
        your animal

                the welcome
                the transport

        the branding
        the departure

                the joke
                the next holiday

a loving

        one of the courses

a lovely meal


This heart-felt practice of love can be very ...







Vexed religious language seals love apart
        from shoes & socks
        from hunger's gong 

We have to could try again to mean

        Here we are but what's underfoot. Breathing into us

        the lesson lost in words


Listen HERE.


about how i tried to remember what happened but found myself too distracted by the sentient angles in the wall

What say we make it suspicious & cosmic.

What say we defend it. Tell me  

        the leaves are you know. It's color

        Gets me. Generous & stingy both.

Heart. Start. Beat. Faster.

Some pot. Some paint. Some fire.

        What we put into our ideas. Then find. 

        We put a jug of real. A flame of then.

What say we go get

some beautiful brutal. And unerring nexts.

        Stuff my pockets of infinite linty moons.

        Of hands full of how much it hurts again.

What say I track you into Pet World to pet you.

What say my head snows into your eyes all night.

        It wasn't stealing if I counted syllables

        if heart-headed blood throws me a bone. No.

What say we talk in regulars say

let the lines get longer then not. So

        what say we stop and face it and just

        like potters. Go cut a clean foot. Say.

what such about it

Green makes poetry

grimace but nothing

swerves it any 

more than prose.

Tips better. This

goes unstopped in

leafy dry compos

Mentis for now.

You get it.

My fact backs

up. Launches and

snores. Snores and


that's provided

I never got back 

what beauty took.

I got back 

what truth took.

Or I took it back once

I said or could say. Look.

No sense in slamming on the brakes.

A skid can be deadly here.

But you said.

True. And beautiful.


Listen HERE.